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TestHouses.com is an innovative, comprehensive Directory of International Test Facilities including Laboratories at highly rated universities, all supported with a FREE Tender Submission Service.

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TestHouses.com is a web portal for comparing the capabilities and pricing of Engineering Testing & Consultancy services provided by Test Houses all around the world. Typically these test and consultancy services provide invaluable support for the development of engineering systems and components in the automotive, aerospace, rail, sports & leisure industries amongst many others.

TestHouses.com allows you to search, compare (and then contract) with test houses for your engineering needs by simply completing and submitting one form online. All capable suppliers will contact you directly to provide you with their best quotes.

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Suppliers: TestHouses.com allows you to efficiently publish and promote your engineering capabilities to connect with customers world-wide and secure new business opportunities.

Users: TestHouses.com allows you to search, compare and then contract with test houses for all your Scientific & Engineering needs by simply completing and submitting one easy form online. All capable suppliers will contact you directly to provide you with their best possible quotes and availability.

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