Research, Testing & Analysis Facilities at a University

We at are working with leading institutions in the UK and the rest of the world who are renowned for their innovation skills and extensive research experience of working with businesses to translate world-class research into improved products and services.  Through TestHouses you can easily link up with the latest research relevant to your business and engage with interdisciplinary teams able to tackle complex business challenges.

It's not just easy access to state of the art research facilities and equipment you get when working with our University facilities – you’ve also got access to the expertise and knowledge of the researchers running the facilities. They regularly advise on areas from experimental set-up to data analysis and visualisation.

Leading Institutions in the UK 

University of Birmingham                                                        University of Bristol                                                          Queen's University Belfast 
University of Cambridge                                                          Cardiff University                                                              Durham University
University of Edinburgh                                                           University of Exeter                                                          University of Glasgow
Imperial College London                                                          King's College London                                                    University of Leeds
University of Liverpool                                                             London School of Economics and Political Science    University of Manchester
Newcastle University                                                                University of Nottingham                                                 University of Oxford
Queen Mary University of London                                          University of Sheffield                                                      University of Southampton
University College London                                                      University of Warwick                                                       University of York

Leading Institutions around the world

University of Melbourne                                                         
Harvard University               
Peking University                                                                    Stanford University
City University of Hong Kong                                                Cornell University 
The Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii       Yale University      
Paris Sorbonne University                                                      Chalmers University of Technology
Université Paris-Dauphine
The University of Delhi
The University of Mumbai
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
RWTH Aachen University
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michigan State University