[Report] Two-particle quantum interference in tunnel-coupled optical tweezers

Two bosonic rubidium atoms in coupled quantum wells are prepared in a symmetrical state and allowed to interfere. [Also see Perspective by Thompson and Lukin] Authors: A. M. Kaufman, B. J. Lester, C. M. Reynolds, M. L. Wall, M. Foss-Feig, K. R. A. Hazzard, A. M. Rey, C. A. Regal

[Report] Leverage points for improving global food security and the environment

A limited set of interventions could disproportionately improve crop production and environmental sustainability. Authors: Paul C. West, James S. Gerber, Peder M. Engstrom, Nathaniel D. Mueller, Kate A. Brauman, Kimberly M. Carlson, Emily S. Cassidy, Matt Johnston, Graham K. MacDonald, Deepak K. Ray, Stefan Siebert

[Report] Human tRNA synthetase catalytic nulls with diverse functions

Alternative splicing of aminoacyl transfer RNA synthetases ablates the catalytic domain to yield diverse alternative functions. Authors: Wing-Sze Lo, Elisabeth Gardiner, Zhiwen Xu, Ching-Fun Lau, Feng Wang, Jie J. Zhou, John D. Mendlein, Leslie A. Nangle, Kyle P. Chiang, Xiang-Lei Yang, Kin-Fai Au, Wing Hung Wong, Min Guo, Mingjie Zhang, Paul Schimmel

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